I grew up in northwest Georgia where I spent most of my childhood exploring the woods surrounding my family farm. In 2011, I received a BS in Environmental Biology from Berry College, which holds the title for the world’s largest contiguous campus at 27,000 acres. In 2015, I completed an MS in Wildlife Sciences at Mississippi State University with Dr. Francisco J. Vilella studying American alligator spatial ecology and population estimation in Mississippi rivers. That same year, I joined Florida International University in Miami to study ecosystem-level effects of top predators for my doctoral research with Dr. Mike Heithaus. When I am not in the field, lab, analyzing data, or writing, I love to play guitar, pick up a tennis game, dance around the ballroom, and cook delicious food with my wife. 

If you are interested in reaching me for a media request or just to chat about science, please u
se my contact page to get in touch.
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